Student Spotlight: Andrew Ferraro

Four SeasonsAndrew Ferraro

Age: 20

Year: Junior

Hometown: Vienna, VA

From concierge services to check-in, bellman to doorman, Andrew Ferraro is constantly interacting with clients for his internship position at the Four Seasons in Washington, D.C.

The Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts are located world-wide with over 90 properties and over 30,000 employees. They are strictly a luxury brand chain and a 5 star hotel management company.

Andrew spent his last summer in France interning for Small Luxury Hotels of the World. He decided to stay in his hometown area this summer and find something more local. After applying to various hotels and contacting managers, his resume was transferred to the desk at the Four Seasons where he was called up right away for an interview.  He has been with the Four Seasons for the past 7 weeks and his daily job duties vary. Primarily, Andrew works for Guest Services and ensures the guests are cared for at the moment they arrive to check-in. He works as a doorman, bell man, and participates in the check-in process. He then escorts guests and their luggage to their rooms and explains the unique features that the room provides at their convenience. “Sometimes, my job entails assisting guests at the concierge desk, whether it is making dinner reservations at Georgetown’s finest or booking tours around our nation’s capital. All aspects of my job involve contact with the guests, which requires that I stay on my toes from the time I put on my uniform to the time I go home.” Andrew also feels very fortunate for his intern position because he has been able to utilize his languages, Portuguese and French, when assisting guests.

Although it is an unpaid internship, Andrew has found many perks that come along with his experience. He has come to the conclusion that it takes an unpaid internship for one to wake up everyday, go to work, and say that they love their job and actually mean it. He is encouraged by his manager’s enthusiasm and her ability to always keep a smile on her face.

The most important thing Andrew has learned form his internship is knowing that he truly loves the Hospitality industry and it is where he belongs. He has also learned that the industry is incredibly demanding and is always in need of very determined people. He recommends this position to fellow hospitality students because “you never know what the outcome may be.” Andrew expresses how he never would have imagined interning for such a fantastic company and now plans to apply for their MIT (Manager in Training) program. “This position is challenging and exhausting, but their is never a day I wake up and do not want to go to work.”

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