USHG 2013 Summer Intern Program

USHG offers a competitive front of house intern program for students entering their Sophomore, Junior or Senior year of college looking to learn more about front of house operations and the restaurant business.

What you can expect:

In the restaurant:

Interns will spend their summer working an extended period of time in one or more positions through the front of house. This is not a standard rotational, where each intern spends a finite period of time in each position of the restaurant. Rather, interns spend an extended period of time in a few positions; i.e. host, reservationist, giving them the opportunity to really learn how to do those jobs, and gain a sense of empathy for their co-workers in these roles. USHG steers clear of the standard rotational internship so that interns will not leave as “jacks of all trades and masters of none.”

Filling these hourly positions will account for a majority of the intern’s time at the restaurant. In addition, each intern will also be expected to complete a project over the course of the summer. This gives the intern an opportunity to learn more about the intricacies of the restaurant business, and provides them a way to leave their mark on the restaurant. Projects will be decided on an individual basis by the GM, and will be selected based on the needs of the restaurant and the interests/skills of the intern. Past intern projects have included writing service manuals, revenue management analysis, inventory management, and writing menu reference guides.

Opportunities and Requirements (dates to be announced):

The USHG Intern Program begins May 29th and ends August 9th. All interns hired are required to be available the entire time and must attend all scheduled events.

Interns will have the opportunity to go participate in the Intern P&L Class halfway through the summer. This management training class will go through samples of P&L samples, review revenues and expenses, and talk about how operations greatly affect the P&L. There are many more scheduled management training courses available to interns throughout the summer.

All interns are given a project by their manager which they will present at the end of the summer. Interns will be given scheduled paid time to work on their project each week or as needed. All of USHG internships are paid positions. Interns are paid a flat rate of $10 an hour no matter what position they work. Interns are not eligible to participate in the tip pool.

Finding temporary housing in New York City can be tough so they have tried to make the search a bit easier. USHG works with Educational Housing Services so those chosen for the program can log onto fill out the form, and learn all about the housing options they provide to students. Two other affordable and convenient options are NYU and FIT. To learn more please visit the websites below:



USHG takes their internships very seriously, as they are the first impressions they can make on you: the future leaders of the industry. If you are interested in applying, please follow this link to complete the application online:

For more information about USHG, please visit their website!

JMU Grad Interview: Emilee Haverkamp

We interviewed Emi Haverkamp, a JMU alum who graduated last May from the HTM program, about her current position with HSMAI! Emi was the creator of our Dukes in Hospitality blog and the lovely Madison Entertaining Magazine. We are so excited to share this great success story from a JMU grad of Hospitality! Enjoy!

  • How did you learn about HSMAI and what did you do to prepare for this job position?

HSMAI (Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International) is a non-profit association that serves the hospitality industry with a core team of nine people. It is positioned in an association management company called Coulter, headquartered in McLean, VA. Coulter provides association management services for 18 different nonprofit associations; marketing, experiential, and corporate event management for non-profit and for-profit clients; and corporate consulting services that helps clients implement strategic and innovative solutions to organizational challenges.

I am a huge advocate for students realizing the importance of networking. I had been told all through my college career that I should use every opportunity to build relationships and be memorable with everyone I interacted with. It ended up really paying off for me in the end! I learned of the open position at HSMAI because of my past networking with Blake Kotenbrink, who works at Coulter as the Senior Vice President and Managing Director of the Coulter Events Agency. I had interviewed with Blake for a summer internship and kept in communication with him post-interview. Without my knowledge, during the week of JMU Graduation, Blake had passed my resume on to the President and CEO of HSMAI, Bob Gilbert, for a recently opened full-time position that Blake thought I should be considered for. The Monday after Graduation, I received communication from Bob that the leadership team wanted to interview me that week, and three days later I was employed in a position that I was very excited for. As I started my work in my new role, I made sure to ask a lot of candid questions and be very honest with my leadership team about my expectations, my strengths, my weaknesses, etc. In my role I have many responsibilities and no two days are the same. I was able to find a job in hospitality with generous pay, full benefits, flexible work hours, and a company where I can really see the difference I am making in the industry. I work Monday through Friday, and am able to pick my own hours so I can usually be found in the office from 7:00 -3:00. This gives me my whole evening to spend doing the things I enjoy in my free time. Overall, I’d say that I am very happy that during my job hunt I waited for the offer that would best match my ‘checklist’ of personal wants in a career. By staying true to myself and being patient, yet proactive, I was able to find a great fit.

  • What is the overall experience like working for HSMAI? What do your day-to-day tasks involve? What are some of the major projects you’ve worked on so far or are in the workings?

With HSMAI, my official title is the Business Development Manager. Being on such a small team that produces such a vast amount of events, products, research, etc. in the industry every year, I have a great amount of varied responsibilities that keep me very busy. I love that I have the opportunity to throw myself into projects that someone my age typically doesn’t get the exposure to, and that my leadership team supports and implements my creativity, ideas, and skills on a regular basis. I have active involvement in my organization’s event management, strategic marketing, public relations, business development, budgeting strategy, and more. As a young professional who would like to be an entrepreneur one day, the value of having this role directly out of undergrad is priceless.

My typical day-to-day tasks revolve around managing HSMAI’s partnership program by: soliciting partners for all products, programs, and services in alignment with the annual plan and budget of HSMAI; preparing annual contracts for key partner accounts (cash and trade); securing advertising for partners within production timelines for enewsletters, event marketing, and publications; securing collateral and communicating onsite requirements to conference partners; generating thank you correspondence and post event deliverables; managing the master tracking & deliverables of annual partnerships; preparing invoices as needed and reconciling receipts with partner agreements; and responding to inquiries and leads expeditiously. I would say that all of my partnership duties make up about 50% of my daily work.

Other projects I might have include creating digital marketing materials and digital media presentations for HSMAI conferences and events, certifications, educational services, and partnership opportunities; executing project management of HSMAI Executive Roundtables through developing the target databases, personalized invitations, & RSVP management, assisting with content development with other HSMAI team members and partners, providing insight and expertise in the development of the HSMAI Knowledge Center and web site, and assisting with special projects on an ad hoc basis; and finally, providing general support to the HSMAI President and Executive Vice Presidents through receiving and distributing inbound mail, responding to online inquiries, managing outbound mail, entering & editing records in our databases and pulling reports as needed.

The most exciting project that I am currently working on is acting as the public relations and sponsorship lead for the 2012 HSMAI Adrian Awards Gala. The HSMAI Adrian Awards is the biggest and most premier awards show globally, celebrating the best of the best in advertising, public relations, and digital marketing campaigns in the hospitality industry. It is a huge honor to receive an Adrian Award and be recognized as a thought leader in front of all of the hospitality industry. Being a lead on the event’s management team is a wonderful responsibility and has been the most significant learning experience I’ve had thus far.

  • What is it like working with top executives when you’re 22 years old fresh out of college?

The people I work with are at the top of their game, and have been in hospitality for a very long time. I am consistently inspired by their zeal for the industry, their established best business practices, and their knowledge of what it takes to truly be successful in the hospitality business. It can definitely be intimidating to be the youngest mind in the room, but it has taught me to really be engaged in the industry, to remain relevant, and be heard. Whether it be keeping up with the latest industry news, or connecting with the executive professionals outside of expected work interactions, I have developed the practice of staying on top of the industry. Because of the unique responsibilities in my role, I have had the opportunity to interact with the top executives at very significant companies in the industry today – Google, Marriott, Expedia, American Express, Hilton, Intercontinental Hotel Group, and more. Being surrounded by such key constituents within the industry every day is not what I ever expected as my first job out of college, but I can only take the opportunities I am given to present myself through HSMAI in a professional and knowledgeable way and establish a positive name for myself amongst these executives.

  • What are your future goals with this company? Do you plan on broadening your education? (going back to school/ getting another degree)

I honestly love my job and I’d like to work for HSMAI for the next couple of years while I pursue graduate school. I am planning on going back to school to pursue a Masters degree in public relations. Through my work with HSMAI and our partners, I have found that I have a strong heart for the public relations side of hospitality. My ultimate goal is to establish my own public relation firm that works solely with hospitality organizations. HSMAI is providing me with the professional skill development, experience, and networking to really get to know the people of the industry, and I would be very happy continuing with this role until I finish graduate school and transition into a position in the public relations segment.

  • What did you take from the HTM program that gave you this position you are in today?

The HTM program taught me how to incorporate strategic business thinking in a creative and service-oriented industry. The hands-on approach to JMU’s curriculum really allowed me to apply my classroom learning into tangible projects and events that gave me the experience and confidence to be successful immediately out of college. I think the biggest asset of JMU’s program is the faculty – they gave me the resources, knowledge, and opportunities as an undergrad to really take me far at a young age in the industry. My best advice to current seniors and underclassmen at JMU would be to really take advantage of those faculty members and absorb as much of their knowledge as you can. Consider all of the learning opportunities a very valuable use of your time, determine what your strengths and passions are, and seek out the extra opportunities that will push you beyond your expectations and make you an even more experienced, competitive candidate upon your Graduation date.

JMU Alumni: Chef Rodney S. Stockett


Rodney set a JMU football single game record of 266 all-purpose yardage on 11/15/87. He averaged 21.5 yards per reception and 26.9 yards per kick return for the season, all while carrying the football like a loaf of bread. I guess a sign to come!

Born in Okinawa, Japan to Romeo (now a retired Lt. Colonel in the U.S Air Force) and Sara Stockett, an elementary school teacher in Willingboro, New Jersey, Rodney attended Fork Union Military Academy in Virginia; in 1984 he received a football scholarship to James Madison University in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, where Rodney achieved a bachelors degree in Hospitality. Rodney feels that his background and travels, which includes several trips to his beloved France, continues to form his passion for cooking. Rodney has traveled extensively through France to learn a greater appreciation for his trade.

Rodney refined his culinary skills at the award winning La Fourchette Restaurant in Wayne, Pennsylvania. Before ending his time at La Fourchette, one of Gourmet Magazine’s top five tables in the Philadelphia area 1995-97, he attained the position of Sous-Chef. Rodney then joined the Ritz Carlton Philadelphia team from 1997-1999. There, Rodney had the opportunity not only to develop his talents but was also able to work with renowned chefs from around the world. Rodney strongly believes that working with chefs of such high caliber gave him humility and a sense of what it means to become a chef. The Ritz Carlton Wine Festival dinners also provided opportunity to hone his skill of pairing wines with foods.

Rodney joined the Paris-based Hotel Sofitel Philadelphia as the first Chef de Cuisine (Restaurant Chef) of Chez Colette before its May 2000 opening. The brasserie served traditional dishes such as coq au vin, choucroute and cassoulet for over a year and featured its’ own croissants and baguettes that were prepared fresh daily in the hotel. Rodney was trained in traditional French bread techniques and received his Certificate Boulangerie from Ecole Lenotre (the famous institute for pastry and baking in France). Rodney then led his culinary team into a more contemporary French style of cooking while continuing to utilize traditional techniques. Rodney continued to help build a strong culinary following at Chez Colette and expanded on the restaurants’ cuisine and charm. In March 2001, He was promoted to Executive Sous Chef of the Sofitel, while maintaining his responsibilities of Chef de Cuisine. Chef Rodney also opened award winning Chez Gabrielle in New York City and Le Architeche in Chicago during his tenure with the Sofitel. “The Color of Food” is Rodney’s passion, in which he shares his enjoyment of fine food and good company wherever and with whomever he can. You can learn more about The Color of Food by visiting their website!

 Last week, our renowned chef met with students from the HM/SRM 201 Foundation courses!

Internship Opportunity: The American Hospitality Academy

The American Hospitality Academy (AHA) is one of the largest hospitality training companies within the United States providing 1000 year round programs for both domestic and international students. AHA is contracted by some of the largest management and hotel companies in the nation; including Hilton, Embassy Suites, Sheraton, Bluegreen Resorts, Vacation Myrtle Beach Group (consists of 13 high volume resorts), Myrtle Beach Seaside Resorts (consists of 6 high volume resorts) and individually owned properties.  AHA has many internship opportunities available for Hospitality Management students and hopes many of you are interested!  AHA provides their students with hands on training in Resort Activities, Front Office, and Food Service positions in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  See what their past students have to say on the AHA Internships 2013 Opportunities video!

The AHA internship program is offered year round, and it is available for internships from 3 months up to 12 months. Their peak season is during the summer months of mid-May through mid-August. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age, be qualified to perform the service and receive the type of training outlined in his/her training agreement, has completed at least one semester at a secondary educational facility (University, College, or Trade School), has a genuine interest in sharing their culture, be outgoing and ready for the internship experience.  Applicants should be completing this internship, as part of their college education/degree.

The application process is simple. Students need to visit the AHA web site and submit an application online at You will be asked for biographical information, previous experience and educational background. Along with the online application you will be required to attach your updated resume and a cover letter. In the section where it says how did you hear about us please put down AHA USA RECRUITMENT. If you have any direct questions please e-mail AHA at

GRADUATES: AHA offers an incredible opportunity for students that are going to be or have already graduated, to travel the world and gain a global experience in places like Ireland, Australia, Spain, New Zealand, and more.  For more information, check out the International Internship portion on their website!

Marriott: Visiting and Interviewing at JMU

Karl Atlow with Marriott will be here on October 16th and 17th. The information session will be held on Tuesday, October 16th from 6:00-7:00 pm in Godwin 349 (study lounge). Interviews will be held the following day, Wednesday, October 17th.

To be considered for an on campus interview, students must post their resume and apply online at Marriott’s website. The deadline to submit your application is October 10, 2012. Only seniors are being considered this fall. Marriott will interview for internships in the spring.

And They’re Off!

A 40’s Style Celebration of the Triple Crown

MANAGERS: Jessica Nguyen, Kate Miller, Crista West, Keara Mahan, Alexis Taves, Kayla Gielda PASTEL DRESSES, BOW-TIES, AND BIG HATS: The overall guest attire. They were first welcomed outside by a live derby horse and had the opportunity to pose for a photo op. THE JOCKEY’S RECEPTION: The guests were asked to place their bets…with paper money of course. After snacking on Maryland style crab cakes and Kentucky’s famous hot browns, a jockey invited the guests into THE MILLIONAIRE’S BOX: A three-course meal was served including a Laughing Horse Apple salad, Preakness Infield Calm Chowder, and Belmont’s Braised Short Ribs. Video clips from the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and Belmont Stakes were shown between courses, as well as a performance by a 40’s style jazz band and dancers. This event really brought the fall themed dinner season across the finish line! Click HERE to view the Managers’ website!

Student Spotlight: Shannon Brawley

Name: Shannon Brawley
Age: 20
Year: Junior
Hometown: Powhatan, VA

Shannon Brawley has a passion for the meeting, events, and coordinating side of the hospitality industry. This reflects her involvement with the PCMA Student Chapter and her unique experience interning for Administrative Management Services (AMS) this past summer. AMS is a third party management company that handles two large associations along with a few other clients. AMS deals with the “back office” operations of an association, such as database management, handling the publications of the association, website development, secretarial service, and more. It also handles membership communications such as e-blasts, membership directories, newsletters, and surveys. On the conference side, AMS can plan and implement all meetings, no matter the size. AMS does all of the negotiations with hotels, conventions centers, off-site programs, Audio Visual companies, and other vendors. In all, the company plans and implements the meeting from top to bottom while meeting all of the clients needs.

She explains that the main objective her boss, Dave Williams, had for her was to learn everything she possibly could in that one summer. This included a variety of duties from basic administrative tasks to helping plan future meetings. She had small tasks where she stuffed and stamped hundreds of envelopes that were to be sent out to members all around the U.S. and to international members as well. One larger project she was assigned included putting together 300 packets of tickets for a conference being held in Austin this coming November. Having the privilege of helping to plan the Austin conference and another one in Anchorage, Alaska for next summer were some of her best experiences from AMS. From filling out Request for Proposal forms to developing strategies in researching hotels and cities for future conferences, Shannon learned vital information relating to the meetings side of the industry. She also was fortunate enough to travel with Mr. Williams to Austin, TX and to Anchorage, AK for hotel site visits. They visited all of the rooms that the conference would be using, and also toured the city and other off-site events. She even planned the menu for the Anchorage receptions and took part in tastings for both conferences. When Shannon wasn’t busy traveling with AMS or helping plan the conferences, her daily tasks involved managing the company’s Facebook account, answering emails and questions from clients, and researching certification credits for the association’s meetings.

“The Alaska trip was my favorite part of the entire summer. We got to explore Anchorage, go salmon fishing, and take a wildlife tour. It was a great experience because I got to really understand what one of the conferences has to offer.”

Shannon has been actively involved in PCMA since her freshman year at JMU, which ultimately led to her landing an internship with AMS. She met Mr. Williams in January at the Convening Leaders Conference held in San Diego where they exchanged contact information and she was soon offered an internship with the company!

Shannon recommends this internship based off of Mr. Williams experience and knowledge alone. “He has so much to offer, and he really wanted to help me. He has so many years of experience in the industry, and he really knows what it is all about.” If you are interested in meeting planning at all, this is a great internship (it was also paid!). She received hands on experience that you just don’t get from sitting in the classroom.

Overall, Shannon had an amazing experience. Going to a different city by herself was new and exciting, and a little nerve-wracking. She got to do something new and rely on herself while getting some real world experience. She really had a fantastic summer and feels fortunate to have gotten the chance to work for Mr. Williams and Administrative Management Services.